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The Nebraska Broadband Initiative marked several key achievements during the first quarter of 2014. 

These efforts included the statewide survey "Internet Connectivity and Use in Nebraska: A Follow-up Study."  The results track progress since a 2010 survey on Nebraskans' current use of technology, options on community technology resources, and technology training needs.

In addition, a survey focusing on Nebraska businesses and their use of technology provided a look at the positive impact of high speed Internet on jobs and business revenue.

These efforts are having real impacts across the state.  Get these important details about the latest Nebraska Broadband Success Stories.

Nebraska Initiative Updates

The progress of the Nebraska Broadband Initiative has been strong.  The achievements and progress are summarized in the latest  Nebraska Broadband Planning Quarterly Report to NTIA, Second Quarter 2014.

From the state perspective, the Nebraska Broadband Planning Activities Update were presented to the Nebraska Public Service Commission, and are summarized in Second Quarter 2014.

These efforts have real results in Nebraska communities and businesses.  See Success Stories from these efforts.

Follow the full progress of the Initiative in the Document History.

Impacts Summary

The attraction and retention of population, increasing economic development and increasing well being and quality of life are the long term goals of the Nebraska Broadband Initiative.  The Impacts Summary highlights achievements and public value.

For more information, contact Charlotte Narjes, Project Lead, 402-472-1724.

About The Nebraska Broadband Initiative

The Nebraska Broadband Initiative

The Nebraska Broadband Initiative is part of a larger national effort to facilitate the integration of broadband and information technology into state and local economics. Economic development, energy efficiency, and advances in education and health care rely not only on broadband infrastructure, but also on the knowledge and tools to leverage that infrastructure.
The Initiative is focused around the following project areas:
• Mapping
• Planning
– Capacity Building
– Technical Assistance
– Regional Planning

Key Project Areas of the Nebraska Broadband Initiative

The statewide mapping effort strives to collect accurate data that is critical for Broadband planning. The map displays Broadband availability, speed and location of Broadband services. The map will display community anchor institutions, such as schools, libraries and hospitals. Residents will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on their Broadband service.

Capacity Building
The Capacity Building Group will:
• benchmark technology use in relevant community
• set goals for improved technology use;
• develop plans for achieving identified goals;
• recommend specific web-based application
development and demand creation.

Technical Assistance
The Nebraska Broadband Technical Assistance Program will provide technical assistance and technology to support entrepreneurs, local governments, chambers of commerce, and economic developers -- especially in areas with low broadband subscribership.

Local and Regional Planning
The Nebraska Broadband Local/Regional Technology Planning Teams will assist regional and community planning discussions among leaders in business, entrepreneurial efforts, local government, and agriculture.