Impacts and Reports

Impacts and Reports

  • The Nebraska Broadband Map has provided better information on where gaps in broadband availability exist and how broadband availability is improving. Data from Mobile Pulse is providing additional information on mobile broadband availability and speeds.
  • Business and household surveys have documented regional differences in broadband adoption and the economic impact.
  • Nebraska's Statewide Broadband Plan has articulated a vision for broadband in Nebraska and makes recommendations for furthering broadband development. The state plan builds on regional broadband planning efforts.
  • Community outreach activities have helped Nebraskans better understand broadband and encouraged the adoption of technology.
  • Mobile Broadband in Nebraska - Nebraska Public Service Commission releases report on mobile broadband coverage in Nebraska. Drive tests were used to capture the mobile broadband speed and connectivity by using a Mobile Pulse Application. For this report, the types of technology were grouped into broader categories for analysis: 2G, 3G, and LTE. Viaero Wireless, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, US Cellular and Sprint were tested.


  • Broadband is creating jobs. Respondents to a 2013 survey reported a net increase of 654 jobs.
  • Broadband is increasing business revenue. Over 60% of Nebraska businesses sell goods or services online, generating 25% to 40% of a business’s revenue.
  • Broadband adoption is increasing, but rural areas lag urban areas. 82% of Nebraska households subscribe to broadband, with 73.6% of nonmetro and 86.1% of metro households subscribing to broadband.
  • 99.5% of Nebraskans have broadband service of 10 Mbps down available. Nebraska is tied for 12th on this measure.

Broadband available has increased as shown in the map below.

Broadband Coverage Comparison

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Is broadband available?

Is broadband available?

Review the Nebraska Broadband Map

See what broadband services are available in your town or region in Nebraska. The data for the map was collected from broadband service providers, anchor institutions and residents of Nebraska.

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Is your community leveraging broadband?

Is your community leveraging broadband?

Review the Broadband Community Planning Workbook.

Learn how your community is currently utilizing broadband and identify ways in which broadband can enhance or develop opportunities. Click here to see if your community is ready to leverage broadband.

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