Inventory of Broadband and Digital Literacy Programs

Information about Broadband internet service is available through a wide set of resources. Information covers basic explanations, accessing and using Broadband technology, and educational institutions that offer and use Broadband technology.

In order to identify potential partners and to avoid duplication of efforts, an inventory of broadband and digital literacy programs will be conducted. Results will be shared with project partners, regional teams and be available on the broadband portal.

For direct connections to more information on areas of Broadband impact, click on the topics in the top left section of this page.

General background information

      These sites provide you information about general access and usage of Broadband Internet connections.

Library connections and information

     Broadband access and information is expanding to communities through local libraries.

Communities working to grow and succeed

     Nebraska communities are using Broadband access in a variety of ways to improve their areas.

Classes and information connections

     A variety of educational sources offer basic and expanded training in Broadband usage.

Nebraska Colleges and Universities

     Broadband access expands a variety of location and online based learning options.

Educational institutions
     With Broadband access, online learning opportunities meet a variety of needs.

UNL Extension Programs

     Expand your understanding of online tools and business ideas for success


For more information, contact Jan Jackson Cejka, 402-472-0568.