Do local schools use technology to enhance educational opportunities and communication with families? This may include distance education using synchronous interactive video or asynchronous web-based courses, using content management systems to support classroom learning, using web-based systems that let parents check grades or lunch balances, and/or using web-based systems to schedule parent-teacher conferences?

Education Questionnaire
Education factors to assess: Yes No Potential action item
Does the public school system have a technology plan?      
Is technology integrated throughout the K-12 curriculum? The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has prepared suggested national technology standards for students, teachers, and administrators which can serve as a guide (      
Has the public school system devised a life cycle funding plan for technology incorporating total cost of ownership?      
Are teachers continually trained and evaluated on their ability to use information technology as a teaching tool?      
Are administrators and support staff continually trained and evaluated on their ability to use information technology as an administrative tool?      
Are students required to attain or demonstrate some level of technology proficiency at particular grade levels?      
Are computers, in laboratory or classroom settings, available for daily use by all students?      
Is the Internet available throughout each school and used as an integrated teaching and learning tool?      
Are school computers networked at high bandwidth within and between schools in the local system?      
Are youth involved in technology projects with target groups (i.e., senior citizens, businesses, etc.) within the community?      
Do schools have up-to-date web pages with information about programs, current events, student and teacher achievements, and PTA/PTO information?      
Do teachers employ a learning management system and digital content repository to increase learning beyond the school day?      
Does the public school system utilize a web-enabled student information system to display password-protected attendance and achievement?      
Are students, teachers, parents, and administrators using e-mail or text messaging to communicate?      
Are two-way interactive distance learning and/or web-based courses used to expand course offerings for students?      

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List of Nebraska distance learning and educational technology resources:

Nebraska Department of Education Distance Education (

Nebraska Distance Education Council (

Nebraska State Technology Plan (Network Nebraska, Digital Education Strategic Initiatives) (

Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (

National Educational Technology Plan (

Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Technology Leadership Initiatives (

George Lucas Foundation--Technology Integration (