Broadband State Plans

Lt. Governor Announces "Broadband in Nebraska" Plan

Share the official news announcement of this important plan.  State leaders discuss progress, impact and exciting opportunities in the "Broadband in Nebraska: Current Landscapes and Recommendations."

NITC releases state broadband plan

The NITC heard comments from across the state on the Broadband Initiative Plan. Based on this input, the final Broadband in Nebraska, Current Landscape and Recommendations has been released.

The broadband plan discusses the current broadband landscape in Nebraska; sets goals for broadband adoption, broadband availability, and workforce development; and presents recommendations.  The development of the state broadband plan is a partnership effort of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission and the Nebraska Broadband Initiative. 

Broadband in Nebraska

Businesses and organizations across the state already use broadband technology to expand their services and success.  Options for the future are exciting.  Watch this video and see success of Broadband in Nebraska!

Nebraska State Broadband Plan Vision

Nebraska's Broadband Vision is that every resident, business, government entity, community partner, and visitor has access to affordable broadband service and the necessary skills to effectively utilize broadband technologies, if they choose.

Nebraska State Broadband Plan Goals

Goal 1: To increase economic development opportunities, attract and retain population,  overcome the barriers of distance, and enhance quality of life in Nebraska by facilitating the continuing deployment of broadband technologies which meet the need for increasing connection speeds.

Goal 2: To facilitate digital literacy and the widespread adoption of broadband technologies in business, agriculture, health care, education, government and by individual Nebraskans.

The development of the plan launched with participants from across the state joining an online discussion.  You can share in the Summary of  the Statewide Plan Launch.

Nebraska Regional Map

Regional Coaches and Events

Volunteers from designated regions across Nebraska worked to identify current broadband access and challenges.  See the Nebraska Broadband Regions up close.

The groups each developed Broadband Regional Plans that  reflect the differences and similarities in broadband adoption and Internet use across the state.  Review the Broadband Regional Priorities.

Capture the state overview with the unique strengths and challenges for each region.  Read the Regional Priorities Summary.