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You can find current high speed Internet coverage for Nebraska, your neighborhood, or your address.

Nebraska Public Service Commission Launches Mobile Service Testing Application

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For an easy guide to the Nebraska Broadband Map -- Check out these step-by-step videos!

How to use the Nebraska Broadband Map:

Your input matters! By taking the Internet Speed Test, your results will automatically be added to the complete report of actual Internet access across Nebraska. An accurate, complete report of the current status of high speed Internet service supports improved Broadband service for Nebraskans.

If your current Internet access won't operate the Coverage or Speed Test tools, fill in the Address information, then click on Feedback in the dark red area at the top of the map.  You can still share your input!

To understand the terms of Broadband technology, watch this video from the Nebraska Public Service Commission.


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Nebraska Broadband Map  -- Details on Nebraska -- and your neighborhood.

For additional information, contact Gene Hand, 402-471-3101

National Broadband Map -- Information for locations across the United States


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