Nebraska Broadband Community Project Awards

The Nebraska Broadband Initiative is accepting nominations for outstanding community broadband projects until August 14, 2015. Projects will be recognized in three categories:

Outstanding Infrastructure Development Project
This award recognizes communities which have successfully partnered with a broadband provider to improve broadband availability.

Outstanding Digital Literacy Project
This award recognizes communities for their efforts to improve digital literacy.

Outstanding Youth Project
This award recognizes projects which engage youth in activities which support IT development.

To apply, download the application. Click here for more information.

Pew Foundation Releases Report on Internet Usage

The Pew Foundation recently released the Americans' Internet Access: 2011-2015 report. The share of all adults who use the internet rose from 52% in 2000 to 84% today. For the young, highly educated, and affluent, internet access is all but a given. Meanwhile, adoption among lower-access groups has steadily risen, but digital gaps remain. Full report available at this link.

Broadband Related Sessions at the Rural Futures Conference

The Rural Futures Conference conference will be held October 21-23, 2015 at Innovation Campus in Lincoln, Nebraska. Several broadband/technology related sessions will be featured at this years conference. Check out the Nebraska Rural Futures Institute Conference for more details.

Get Involved

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Do you have mobile coverage?

Do you have mobile coverage?

Test your mobile coverage

Download the Mobile Pulse app to find out if you have mobile coverage available. Simply search for Mobile Pulse in your apps. Why is this important? The State of Nebraska wants to improve mobile broadband coverage across the state. How fast can you download data across our state? This app can tell you.

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Is broadband available?

Is broadband available?

Review the Nebraska Broadband Map

See what broadband services are available in your town or region in Nebraska. The data for the map was collected from broadband service providers, anchor institutions and residents of Nebraska.

View the Map
Is your community leveraging broadband?

Is your community leveraging broadband?

Review the Broadband Community Planning Workbook.

Learn how your community is currently utilizing broadband and identify ways in which broadband can enhance or develop opportunities. Click here to see if your community is ready to leverage broadband.

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