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Information in this Online Workbook

Suggested Planning Process: A Guide for the Chair or Facilitator
This section suggests a process, which can be used as a guide to assess a community/region’s e-readiness and to develop a plan to use broadband applications to enhance development opportunities.

Benchmark Data
The data included in this section is provided to help communities/regions understand how they compare to statewide and national benchmarks in several areas regarding the use of information technology.

Technology Trends for Communities
Is your community/region aware of technology trends and developing ways to leverage these trends? Here are ten trends communities/regions need to know:

  • Communication methods are changing.
  • Broadband is going mobile.
  • Online video gains momentum.
  • Services move online; public access is critical.
  • Location-based services know where you are.
  • Cloud computing is changing service models.
  • IT workforce availability lags behind demand.
  • Health IT is expected to improve patient care.
  • Tablets and ereaders are growing in popularity.
  • It is a more open and collaborative world.

For additional information, contact Connie Hancock, Project Lead, 308-254-4455, or Charlotte Narjes, Project Lead, 402-472-1724.