Broadband Planning & Assessment Tools for Nebraska Communities

This Broadband information starts the process for your community, which can be used as a guide to assess a community/region's e-readiness and to develop a plan to use broadband applications to enhance development opportunities.

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Is your community aware of & developing ways to leverage technology trends?

Here are ten trends communities/regions need to know about:

  • Communication methods are changing.
  • Broadband is going mobile.
  • Online video is gaining momentum.
  • Services move online; public access is critical.
  • Location-based services know where you are.
  • Cloud computing is changing service models.
  • IT workforce availability lags behind demand.
  • Health IT is expected to improve patient care.
  • Tablets and e-Readers are growing in popularity.
  • It is a more open and collaborative world.

To assist you in determining how to plan for the future use and adoption of broadband, Engaging People. Linking the World: Broadband Planning Workbook was created. The workbook was originally written by Anne Byers and cooperatively developed by the Community Council of the Nebraska Information Technology Commission and the University of Nebraska’s Technologies Across Nebraska initiative. This workbook has already been used successfully in more than 20 Nebraska communities.

For additional information, contact Connie Hancock, Project Lead, 308-254-4455, or Charlotte Narjes, Project Lead, 402-472-1724.

E-Readiness Broadband Planning Tools for Your Community

For more information on how to evaluate your community's current Broadband access and usage click on the following links for the Broadband Planning Workbook and additional materials. The workbook and materials will help you and your community identify specific areas for potential improvement and development plans to help your community achieve identified goals.

The Broadband Planning Workbook and additional materials are also available in Spanish: (El libro de planificación de banda ancha y materiales adicionales también están disponibles en español)

To create an accurate picture of current Broadband usage it is important to gather feedback from a variety of community members.

For more information on the many ways that the assessment tools can be used to gather data for the Regional Broadband Plan in your community click on the following link. This page will identify the steps you should take to determine if your community is e-ready and how to build a broadband plan.

Online assessments invite evaluations of your community from a variety of perspectives, including leadership, economic development, infrastructure and training. These assessments can be taken by one individual to determine how and if your community is an e-community! (E-communities are communities which utilize information technology to improve economic opportunities and quality of life.)

For additional information, contact Connie Hancock, Project Lead, 308-254-4455, or Charlotte Narjes, Project Lead, 402-472-1724.