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TechNet's 2012 State Broadband Index

See where states rank as they look to high speed connectivity to grow strong economies and vibrant communities.

States are actively pursuing ways to use broadband to promote economic development, build strong communities, improve delivery of government services, and upgrade educational systems. The ingredients for meeting those goals are fast and ubiquitous broadband networks, a population of online users, and an economic structure that helps drive broadband innovation and investment in new broadband uses. Not all states have these ingredients in equal measure. In this report, theTechNet State Broadband Index rates the states on indicators of broadband adoption, network quality, and economic structure as a way of taking stock of where states stand.

Benchmark Survey

The 2014 Nebraska Household Survey Shows Gains in Internet Usage

The Nebraska Broadband Initiative recently conducted a study of broadband use and needs in Nebraska.  The 2014 survey serves as a follow up and comparison to a similar one conducted in 2014.  Officially titled "Internet Connectivity and Use in Nebraska:  A Follow Up Study," the project connected with households across Nebraska. 

Review these findings.

Take A Closer Look:  Older Nebraskans' Technology Use

Check the graphic summary, Older Nebraskans' Technology Use

Internet Connectivity & Use in Nebraska Survey

UNL conducted a survey and found that 81 percent of Nebraskans had Internet access, and 76 percent of those had broadband. But the survey also revealed some gaps in Internet service among certain demographic groups, including lower-income residents, people over 65, people without a college degree and residents of non-metropolitan Nebraska. 

Click on the Survey and go to the Table of Contents (page iii).  Select the area of interest and go directly to that portion of the report.  Then click on the TOC icon and return to the Table of Contents for more information connections. 

The Broadband Household Survey form is also available for review.  In addition, the Broadband Business Use Survey form provides questions to gather key information.

For more information, contact Charlotte Narjes, Project Lead, 402-472-1724, or Becky Vogt, 402-329-6251.

Broadband Survey Analyzes Business Usage

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development and the University of Nebraska help sponsor the Gallup Entrepreneur Acceleration System (EAS) for the Broadband Initiative.  The EAS measuresthe abilities of individual business leaders and potential entrepreneurs using a scientific and systematic.  Learn more about the program, the survey and the results.