Best Practice Videos

Videos showcase impact of Broadband

The power of Broadband high speed internet access is contributing to the success of businesses across Nebraska.

We invite you to watch these videos as Nebraska entrepreneurs explain the role and importance of Broadband access to the success of their businesses.

Watch on the Broadband Nebraska YouTube channel. YouTube channel graphic link

For more information, contact Connie Hancock, Project Lead, 308-254-4455, or Rod Armstrong, 402-525-8907.

Link to videos and more information on a webpage below:

21st Century Equipment video

21st Century Equipment in Bridgeport, Nebraska

Miles don’t matter for this equipment dealer. Broadband technology lets dealerships and customers in three states share information immediately.



Metal Quest

 MetalQuest in Hebron, Nebraska

Global markets find MetalQuest for precision manufacturing. Broadband technology makes this operation world-class, competitive – and successful



Dinklage Feed Yards video

 Dinklage Feed Yards in Sidney, Nebraska

They bring high tech tools to traditional livestock operations. Dinklage Feed Yards use high speed Internet in all areas of monitoring, feeding and health care for their cattle.



Comfy Feet video

 Comfy Feet in Hartington, Nebraska

This small town company meets customer requests worldwide. Internet access makes promotions, jobs and sales possible for Comfy Feet.



Bassett Livestock video

 Bassett Livestock in Bassett, Nebraska

Take online shopping to a new level. Bassett Livestock brings cattle auctions from rural Nebraska to bidders and buyers nationwide.



Fred Lockwood CPA video

 Fred Lockwood and Company CPA in Chadron, Scottsbluff and Mullen

 Broadband access adds up to positive impacts for these accounting offices. They connect – and succeed – with customers and employees to save time and money.



Country Drawers video

 Country Drawers in Cambridge, Nebraska

Eco-friendly operations are in place from every angle for Country Drawers. Natural and organic products are promoted, managed and sold internationally with online connections and capabilities.


Nebraska Rural Futures Institute video

 Rural Futures  Introduction to Broadband

A short video brings the big potential of high speed Internet technology into focus.




Broadband terms video

 Broadband Terms

  • The right terms make conversations about Broadband technology clear and accurate.  This explanation makes it all more simple.




Lincoln Public Schools Distance Education video

 Lincoln Public Schools Distance Learning in Lincoln, Nebraska

Classrooms expand and learning grows across the state with the LPS Distance Learning program. Special instructions keep rural and urban students on the fast track.

Pioneer Rest Home in the Sandhills of western NebraskaPioneer Memorial Rest Home Leads Telemedicine to Sandhills

The Pioneer Memorial Rest Home in Mullen, Nebraska, installed high speed Wi-Fi broadband connections to provide secured website access for medical connections.



Nebr Health Information Initiative videoNebraska Health Information Initiative 

All your medical records are available in one place – even if you are moving around. Nebraska Health Information Initiative coordinates consolidated patient medical history for doctors, providers and patients.



Roe Buick video

 Roe Buick in Grand Island, Nebraska

It is a new world. Car shoppers can view inventory, schedule appointments and ask questions online. The car shopping and maintenance experience is upgraded at Roe Buick.



Nebr Department of Motor Vehicles video

 Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles  

Getting your license is easier and faster. The Department of Motor Vehicles is doing the state's business – and yours -- more efficiently.



AgLix Agilx in Lincoln, Nebraska

Custom software and solutions are available anywhere. Lincoln goes global for Agilx customers though broadband technology.



Oakland, Nebraska Public Library video

 Oakland Public Library in Oakland, Nebraska

It's not just about books anymore. The Oakland Public Library connects the area with information and free onsite access for their guests.



C and C Processing video

 C & C Processing near Diller, Nebraska

Traditional high quality meat products you shop for online, and enjoy at your table – anywhere in the country. C & C Processing brings traditional quality to today's technology.



Assurity Life video

 Assurity Life  in Lincoln, Nebraska

In their new building or across the country, Assurity uses broadband technology to manage life insurance data for their tremendous customer base.



Melitta Vista Winery video

 Miletta Vista Winery near St. Paul, Nebraska

The view is awesome; the wine is wonderful. With new broadband connections, Miletta Vista Winery keeps high tech operations moving and customers wanting another glass.



Ogallala Economic Development video

 Ogallala Economic Development  Keith County and Ogallala, Nebraska

It is a world class community in terms of broadband access. Ogallala is working to attract and keep businesses and move forward with economic development.

NCompass Live Presentation

Broadband is a foundation for economic growth for communities, businesses and individuals. Libraries also play a key role in helping communities move forward.  Watch this presentation for the Nebraska Library Commission with highlights from Broadband Initiative household and business surveys.

Broadband In Nebraska NCompass Presentation
The Nebraska Public Service Commission provides libraries a closer look at Broadband in Nebraska, with a focus on mapping information capabilities and Mobile Pulse.