Digital Equity Planning

The State Digital Equity Planning Grant Program is one of three new broadband programs established by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This program falls under the Digital Equity Act within IIJA and provides federal funding for States to develop their own State Digital Equity Plan. States interested in participating in the State Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program must first complete State Digital Equity Plans.

Nebraska has been allocated $598,746 to develop a state digital equity plan. The Nebraska Information Technology Commission (NITC)/Office of the CIO will be leading the planning effort with the assistance of the state’s regional economic development districts and the Nebraska Library Commission, among other stakeholder groups.




June and July Digital Equity Webinar Schedule

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One-Page Grant Summary

Libraries as Digital Equity Partners

Digital Equity and Broadband Statistics

  • Internet subscription rates vary by county, from a high of 95% in Sarpy County to a low of 71% in Sioux County. (Source: Census Bureau)

  • Only 73% of Nebraskans age 65 and older subscribe to the internet.
    (Source: Census Bureau)

  • Households with lower incomes are much less likely to have an internet subscription. Only 63% of households with household income of less than $20,000 have an internet subscription, compared to 95% of households with an income of $75,000 or more. (Source: Census Bureau)
  • American Community Service 5-year data is showing an increase in the percent of homes with a broadband subscription. 89.8% of Nebraskans have a home broadband subscription up from 88.1% in 2019. (Source: American Community Service Data)

Library Broadband

  • Only 15% of Nebraska libraries have internet service of 100 Mbps or greater. 38% of Nebraska libraries have internet service of less than 25 Mbps down. (Source: Nebraska Library Commission)