About the Challenge

The purpose of the challenge process is to ensure the accuracy of the Nebraska Broadband Availability Map. Everyone in Nebraska is encouraged to verify the service they receive at their home and/or business is accurately reflected on the map. If not, a challenge should be filed to correct it. The challenge process is the last opportunity to correct information on the availability map. This map will guide the allocation of BEAD funds. 

The process is expected to begin March 1. 


Learn how you can participate in the challenge process:

Residents & Businesses

Advocates (Local/tribal government, nonprofits)




  • Challenges and decisions will be posted here
  • Once final decisions are posted, a 60-day cooling off period will begin
  • All NBO decisions are final pending NTIA approval


Submit a Question

  • We request all questions regarding the challenge process be submitted in writing: Submit a question to NBO here
  • Questions will be posted and answered below


Q: Which option should I select to acquire a CostQuest Tier E (Governement/Nonprofit) license?
A: NTIA/U.S. Department of Commerce/Economic Development Administration