On April 20, 2022, Governor Ricketts signed the Nebraska Broadband Bridge Act (the Act), LB 1144 (2022), which requires the Nebraska Public Service Commission to create and maintain an official Nebraska location Fabric Broadband service access map. The funding for this requirement was tagged to BEAD. Governor Pillen signed LB683 (2023) on May 26, 2023. This bill moved the responsibilities of the official Nebraska Map as well as the stewardship of the BEAD money to the Nebraska Broadband Office.



Nebraska Legislature


LB683 Establishes the Nebraska Broadband Office, the Position of Director of Broadband and directs the office to take over the responsibility of creating and maintaining the Nebraska State Broadband Map.


LB1144 Required the creation of a Nebraska State Broadband Map that identifies the types of internet service available, advertised and reported speeds, number of entities providing service, planned broadband infrastructure projects, and any other relevant information.

LB 1144




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